ADHD Kids Journal


All About Me & My ADHD Kids Journal is an amazing resource for any child learning to navigate the world of ADHD! Through the lens of a growth mindset, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and strength-based parenting, the ADHD Kids Journal helps children explore their strengths and weaknesses, discover self-confidence, and embrace success through failure.

The ADHD Kids Journal offers a strategic day-to-day approach to challenge your child to follow through and complete the 90-day journal! Separated into 3 months, each month offers an undated calendar, with corresponding weekly routine & chore lists, and a daily prompt to inspire and engage your child. 

What will my child gain from using the ADHD Kids Journal?

- Self-Awareness
- Self-Esteem
- Accountability
- Resilience
- Healthy Habits

 The ADHD Kids Journal is approximately 7 x 9 inches, perfect bound and in full color! Inspirational, engaging and thoughtful!

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