Gifted | 2e

Twice-exceptional children, often referred to as 2e kids, are gifted in one or more areas, while simultaneously challenged with a learning disability or behavior disorder such as ADHD or SPD.

Gifted, but Challenged

Many children with ADHD are Gifted; however, learning and/or behavior issues often "cancel out" their gifts. Thus, these children appear to have less than average intelligence, often labeled "lazy and unmotivated." Recognizing and addressing your child's strengths and weaknesses will help to unlock their full potential!

Gifted/2e children are often:

  • Preoccupied with a sense of justice

  • Inquisitive and want real answers, not fluff

  • Highly sensitive with intense feelings and reactions

  • Extremely curious and experimental

  • Imaginative and enjoy creative play

  • Skilled in communication with an excellent vocabulary

  • Confident and mature with adults

  • Excel with complex ideas and problem solving


Helpful resources include our ADHD Kids Journal and ADHD Survival Kit, both of which also address issues specific to Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), anxiety and gifted/2e.


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