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The Roots of Ivy Wild Kids

Ivy Wild Kids provides the tools to help kids embrace their "wild" in positive, peaceful and productive ways. Our unique resources help parents raise exceptional kids against the odds of sensory, behavior and anxiety challenges!

Rather you suspect your child has challenges with sensory, behavior and anxiety or you have received a professional diagnosis, the journey to find answers can be overwhelming. We understand. We've been there! Raising a child with ADHD is like standing at the mouth of a firehose. Parenting is tough, but the trenches are much deeper and far more complex for a parent of a neurodiverse child. 

Lacking the tools and skillset to manage their internal conflict, neurodiverse children often develop a fight-or-flight response; which can present as emotional meltdowns, anger, distraction, disrespect and thoughtlessness. 

Beautifully Wild

Like wild ivy, the human spirit bends and grows in response to its environment. With nurturing and pruning, wild ivy—much like ADHD—weaves with purpose and awe-inspiring beauty. However, left unattended and unwanted, ADHD presents as impulsive, erratic and inappropriate behavior.

Ivy is a beautiful plant with a long history. Some people value ivy for its ability to form an attractive cover over walls and tree trunks. Others consider the plant to be an annoying weed that damages the environment and must be eradicated. - dengarden

Learn, Engage & Inspire

Inspired by nature, Ivy Wild Kids help parents learn to embrace the whole child. We are proud to offer a vast array of invaluable and unique resources, including our one-of-a-kind ADHD Survival Kit.


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