Did I Give My Child ADHD?

April 26, 2019

Although ADHD is considered a complex condition with multiple causes, including new mutations and gene-by-environment interactions, research supports a strong hereditary link.

According to Russell A. Barkley, clinical professor of psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina, approximately 25 to 35 percent of parents of children with ADHD present signs of adult ADHD.

It is not uncommon for one or both parents, or siblings, to be diagnosed with ADHD following a child's diagnosis.


Symptoms of Adult ADHD

ADHD may be harder to spot in adults due to years of compensating with self-prescribed coping skills, but the primary symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness are prevalent.


  • frequently loses keys and other familiar items
  • easily distracted and may have difficulty following conversations
  • not completing tasks or lacks motivation 


  • frequently tapping feet
  • move from project to project or job to job
  • prefer active or risky activities


  • money management problems
  • engage in risky behaviors such as driving fast or gambling
  • errupting others and/or talking without thinking 


ADHD and Success 

ADHD does not determine one's ability to be successful. Many highly successful adults have ADHD including Richard Branson, Lisa Ling, Justin Timberlake, Walt Disney and Michael Phelps.

ADHD can certainly wreak havoc in someone's life if left unaddressed, but it also presents many strengths such as the ability to hyper-focus, an abundance of energy, creativity, big picture thinking and a willingness to venture into unknown territory.

Many adults discover they have been self-medicating or coping for years. Through therapy, they are finally able to overcome self-defeating behaviors.

If you suspect you may have ADHD we encourage you to take the appropriate steps for an official diagnosis. Other conditions such as depression and anxiety often accompany ADHD and should be ruled out or addressed by a qualified specialist.


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