ADHD From a Child's Perspective

April 26, 2019

As children grow, so will their curiosity about their struggles with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As children move into the upper elementary grades, they will begin to question why and how they are "different" from other kids.

I recall a specialist telling me one time, "it will all get easier by fourth grade because your son will start to monitor himself more." He reminded me that children with ADHD and SPD are socially behind their peers by approximately 3 years. Those words kept me focused when I would get discouraged, and sure enough, by fourth grade we began to notice our son showed increased interest in his friend's opinions and reactions to his behavior.

But, what the specialist forgot to say was how heartbreaking it would be when he did finally notice. He had always just accepted he had ADHD and SPD, but did not truly grasp what that meant until one day the other children began teasing him.

"Why do you talk so much?

Why are you always so hyper?

Why don't you ever listen?"

But the most damaging action was when his peers said nothing and kept their distance.


Helping Your Child Understand ADHD

Our explanations no longer addressed his questions. He was frustrated and confused, and began to lose his confidence. For any parent with an ADHD child, you know how much of a slippery-slope self-confidence can be!

Developmentally he was seeking input from his peers.

We discovered that he was far more willing to listen and learn about ADHD if presented from another child's point of view. He would excitedly say, "this kid is just like me!" And once he began connecting to their challenges, he began learning how to monitor and adjust his own behavior.

Amazon is packed full of wonderful books that can help to provide some understanding and relief when your child begins seeking more answers about ADHD. Many are written from a child's point of view and provide excellent peer advice!

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